Monday, October 18, 2010

You Are Not Alone

I know you're lonely but, you are not alone.
- Glee Season 2 Episode 4

Episode Guide:

There's nothing like a Duets competition to spice things up and Glee knows it. Rachel and Finn conspired to make Quinn and Sam, the new guy, to win so Sam would stay on Glee. Brittany severs things with Santana and she sleeps with Artie so they can join the duet competition. Santana sabotages the plan by telling Artie the truth. Quinn and Sam wins the dinner for two at Breadsticks.


A little healthy competition is important. But I missed Puck's bad boy presence this episode. Great songs and great performances especially from Mercedes and Santana. Their number was the bomb! I also liked Rachel's and Kurt's duet in the end.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Much Is Your Soul?

Do you have any idea what souls are worth? What power they hold?

-Supernatural Season 6 Episode 3

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While Heaven remains in a state of disarray, Sam, Dean, and Castiel come face-to-face with an old foe when they attempt to track down the thief who stole the Staff of Moses from an arsenal of God's weapons in order to kill several police officers with the plagues of Egypt.


Castiel is back and he seems to be more powerful than ever! I do wonder why those angels in heaven sided with Rafael. Just because he is an archangel, it doesn't mean that he can govern heaven and earth. If I am angel, I'd nominate Castiel. But I just have to ask, where the heck is GOD?

How Do We Learn?

We learn more from failure than from success.

- Sanctuary Season 2 Episode 2

Episode Guide from Wikipedia:

Ashley and her cadre of teleporting vampire hybrids use their powers to destroy several Sanctuary bases around the world. Tesla and Henry work on a weapon that can stop the attacks, while not killing Ashley. Their first trial is unsuccessful and the hybrids destroy the LondonSanctuary, killing Clara Griffin. In response, Tesla upgrades the weapon to be lethal to the hybrids, including Ashley, allowing for an effective defense of the primary Sanctuary. During the battle, Bigfoot, who has previously refused the Lazarus cure, is finally persuaded by Magnus to take it; he is revived in time to help his friends. Three of the hybrids are killed and another dies when Henry reactivates the EM shield, causing the hybrid to vaporize when it teleports. Magnus is able to break through to Ashley, who recognizes her just in time to save her from the last hybrid's attack; Ashley drags the hybrid with her as she teleports into the EM field, apparently sacrificing herself in the process. 


Ashley's ass-kicking days are over... goodbye ashley.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is Love?

An Irrational self-destructive impiulse which is disguised as joy.
- Sanctuary  Season 2 Episode 1 

Episode Guide from Wikipedia

Six weeks after Ashley is turned by the Cabal, she steals a secret hard drive concerning past Sanctuary operations in Montreal. Tesla is able to develop a cure against "Lazarus", while John and Magnus search the world for Ashley and attempt to stop the Cabal. In the process, the team encounter Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi), a con artist with Cabal connections. Kate is able to escape, but knowing she was captured by the Sanctuary, the Cabal order a hit on her. Freelander flees to the Sanctuary and tells Magnus everything she knows about the Cabal, saying she visited one of their facilities in Alberta. When they arrive there they encounter Ashley, who has been converted to a Vampire-hybrid using the blood from Bhalasaam. They escape before she can kill them. We learn that the Cabal have copied Ashley's DNA, have created five other hybrids, and have declared war on the Sanctuary network. 


I really like Director Martin Wood's use of several frames to give different perspectives to a scene. Magnus' acting is a bit wanting, especially at the part when she meets Ashley for the first time. Good thing not many viewers are watching Sanctuary for the acting skills of its actors, otherwise its viewers will drop significantly. Great season opener though. Everybody's probably wonder if Magnus will get Ashley back.

The new girl on the block

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The BIG Question

The big questions are big for a reason. They're really hard. Absolutely everybody struggles with it.
- Glee Season 3 Episode 3

Episode Guide:

In this episode of Glee, religion, spirituality and faith get front row. Glee members try to help Kurt Hummel deal with the hospitalization of his father through prayers and spiritual songs. The agnostic Kurt shuns them away but eventually finds something to believe in -- his dad. 


Good selection of songs and issues. And it's very heartwarming and touching, Chris Colfer's (Kurt) acting abilities shone in this episode and so as Amber Riley's (Mercedes Jones) powerful voice. 


Can the members of a small group get along despite differences in religion and faith? The answer is yes. If we all just respect the right of others to believe what they want and not force our beliefs on them, provided they aren't harming people, then peace if possible. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What is Faith?

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-Learned from the pilot episode of Unnatural History.

Episode Guide:

After rescuing hikers in the Kingdom of Bhutan and getting harmed in the process, Henry Griffin's (Kevin G. Schmidt) parents decides to send him to Washington, D.C.under the guardianship of his uncle, Bryan Bartlett (Martin Donovan), who's also the principal of his high school. He bonds with his cousin Jasper Bartlett (Jordan Gavaris) while solving the murder of his godfather. Dr. Morneau. He also meets Maggie Winnock (Italia Ricci), a beatiful, smart girl with a photographic memory.


This Cartoon Network show looks very promising.


I don't have a religion. Well, that isn't entirely true. Technically, I have. I was born and raised Catholic. I am a baptized Catholic. But I haven't practiced it since  I was in third year high school. Somehow, I lost my anchor to the Catholic religion when I lost my grandmother when I was a sophomore. 

Fortunately, religion isn't necessary to have faith. Faith is personal. You could have faith in a person or in an idea.  I have faith in myself. I believe that I can get through the worst things If I just trust in myself and believe that I can make it out of the darkest days.